• Developmental, conceptual, and line editing

  • Book doctoring

  • Manuscript analysis

  • Consultation/writing



A book editor strategizes to make an author’s work the best it can be. Each book, of course, is a unique undertaking with distinct needs, so the editing process varies from project to project.

My goal is to help writers tell their stories and get their message across while simultaneously keeping readers turning pages. To produce a compelling, commercial book, I offer advice and suggestions, as well as comprehensive line-editing.

I receive queries from authors, agents and publishers. If a book project interests me or lies within an area of expertise, I will ask for an excerpt, along with a brief description. This helps determine whether or not my skills coincide with the author’s needs.  

If so, we can set up a phone call to discuss my initial impressions, your goals for the project, and the services that might work for you. Certainly, each author needs the right editor for their work.


Fees are determined on a case-by-case basis, depending on the scope and complexity of the material, and an estimate of how many hours the project will take to complete.


May I help take your writing to the next level? Contact me.